Cakes to remember, for Mother’s Day

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We’ve been in our cakes business for more than 40 years, Mother’s Day has been the busiest time of the year for the business so far.

In past eras, Mother’s Day orders would come in via fax two weeks in advance, specially made by the children for their mothers.

Somehow, children nowadays might not understand the efforts and intention to express the sincerity to order special cakes for Mother’s Day back then.

And since we are in this industry, we can clearly witness the efforts and sincerity of the children, that they make, for their mothers. We somehow feel touched, warm and such a beautiful love! 

However, over the past few years, Mother’s Day cakes ordering has been completely different. Well, with the advanced technology, cakes ordering no longer need so much “effort” like sending fax. One could just make the ordering by just few clicks, and done.

The number of orders we receive nowadays also getting lesser. Children no longer eager to buy cakes for their mothers. It’s very saddening to see the difference.

As it might also because there are more competitors existing nowadays, there are variety of choices to go for other than our cakes. However, our “peers” that are in the same field will somehow know, the fact that such reductions occur not because of the competitors, but the children themselves, tend to not have the effort to buy cakes for Mother’s Day.

Children that buying cakes for Mother’s Day getting lesser year by year.

It’s quite sad, not for the business, but the fact how people nowadays value the celebration.

However, we are hoping that this current situation can be changed!  

We have decided to send out 100 cakes for Mother’s Day!

Spread love, send a cake to your mother, spend time and express your appreciation for her.

A cake is a gift that symbolises love and blessing. A must-have for celebrations, to spread happiness, love, birth of a new life. For this time, love and appreciation for your mother.

Therefore, we are sincerely would like to send out 100 cakes for Mother’s Day, giving 100 children the opportunity to show their love for their mothers. If you want to be one of the children, just fill in your information and visit our branches in Klang Valley (total 13 branches) and take home our cake!

Let us be part of the appreciation.
We give cakes, you create lovely moment at home!

【Get FREE cakes 】:

 If you would like to choose and pre-order other flavour of Mother’s Day cakes, you can also click on the link to do it. Besides, you can also visit to our 13 branches in Klang Valley. We feel touched with your efforts to bring a cake home and have a good quality time with your family!