Office Birthdays – from hassle to happy!  [FREE cakes to lucky 50 offices]

Office Birthdays – from hassle to happy! [FREE cakes to lucky 50 offices]

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Office Birthdays –
from hassle to happy! 
【FREE cakes to lucky offices】

Everyone has 24 hours a day, and we are spending a large portion of 8 hours at work. Sad but truth, 1/3 of our life is being spent at work. 

If you have 50 years of life career, you are spending an average of 16 years with your colleagues.

Our happiness in the workplace is important. It has a huge positive effect on our lives, mindset and overall life values.

Therefore, Wonderful Cake House has decided to spark more happiness and fun for everyone! We’ve done similar love-spreading for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so why not we spread the love once again, among the colleagues at your workplace!

All you need to do is to fill up for the August Celebrations form, we will then select 50 lucky offices and send FREE cake right to your office doorstep! Yay, let’s have fun in the month of August!

Simple steps just fill up these details below (only applicable for offices in Klang Valley):

1) What you need to do once you’ve been selected?
Send us a photo of the celebration, we will spread the joy to more people around us, join us now and be part of the revolution! (Do tag @wonderfulcakehouse if you post any on your social media platforms)

2) For those who sign up for this will get 20% discount on the next purchase of our cakes, because you deserve it!

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