11.11 Storewide Special Promotion

11.11 Storewide Special Promotion

🎉【11.11 线下店面特价优惠】Wonderful Cake House - AEON Jusco 连锁柜台 11.11 特价优惠!!!🎉
【RM11 就可以买到好吃的芝士蛋糕啦!】

在这个让人欢腾的购物狂欢日, Wonderful Cake House 也将会在所有位于雪隆区AEON Jusco 内的连锁柜台给予11%的特价优惠!!!


9/11 - 11/11 期间,Wonderful Cake House连锁柜台都会以【RM11】特惠价售卖超好吃的芝士蛋糕 (Wonderful Cheesecake)!!!香喷喷又入口松软的芝士蛋糕优惠,千万不要错过哦!!!

11/11日这一天,所有Wonderful Cake House连锁柜台内的500g的生日蛋糕都会有11%的折扣!



🎉[11.11 Storewide Special Promotion] 11.11 Special Promotion of Wonderful Cake House Counter – AEON Jusco! 🎉
[Scrumptious Cheese Cake for only RM11!]

On this crazy shopping day, Wonderful Cake House will be having its 11% special promotion at all counters in AEON Jusco in Klang Valley!

🎉[Promotion 1]
From 9/11 to 11/11, Wonderful Cake House counters will be selling the scrumptious Wonderful Cheesecake at the special promotion price for only RM11!!! Don’t miss out the promotion for the aromatic and tender cheesecake!!!

🎉[Promotion 2]
On 11/11, 11% discount for all 500g birthday cakes at Wonderful Cake House counters!

*The above promotion is only available for purchase at the counter!
While stocks last!*

🧐[Locate us!]: https://www.wonderfulcake.com.my/pages/contact-us

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