11.11 Party Set PROMOTION!!!

11.11 Party Set PROMOTION!!!

🎊11.11 Party Set PROMOTION!!! 🎊
🛒SHOP NOW : http://bit.ly/1111Crazy_Deals


🍰 巧克力甘纳许瑞士卷
🍰 绿茶瑞士卷
🍰 黑芝麻瑞士卷
🍰 全麦瑞士卷
🍰 红丝绒瑞士卷

🎂 1X 德国芝士蛋糕


(订购截止: 18/11/2019)


🎊SHOP NOW :http://bit.ly/1111Crazy_Deals
🎉11.11 Party Set PROMOTION!!!🎉 

🛒SHOP NOW :http://bit.ly/1111Crazy_Deals

Now you can choose any 【4 swiss rolls】from 5 flavour as above! There will be additional 【1 German Cheesecake】in the package!!!

Pre-order for your Christmas, 2020 New Year party!!!

🛍Swiss Roll Choices (Any 4 of below):
🍰 Chocolate Ganarche Roule🍰 Green Tea Roule🍰 Black Sesame Roule🍰 Wholemeal Roule🍰 Red Velvet Roule

🎂 1 X German Cheesecake

🎈🎈🎈Promotion Price : RM59.90!!!
​(Normal Price : RM144.20)
【Order Deadline】: 18 Nov 2019

​​*Delivery Area:Klang Valley*
*Delivery date at least 3 working days after order.*
*Final delivery date : 30-12-2019*

🛒SHOP NOW :http://bit.ly/1111Crazy_Deals

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