[Q]uestion is - who can come close to the unconditional love that my Wonder Woman showers upon me? [U]nreserved love so pure and crystal clear that comes from the woman I proudly call – Mother. [E]asily zen most of the time, she becomes fiery when things touches upon her beloved family. [E]ver so strong, a pillar of strength she is whenever we are in need of support never once buckling. [N]o. 1 Masterchef in the kitchen who whips up mouth-watering dishes to satiate our hungry tummies. [O]ften time, an efficient counselor that often sees through us and advises us on things that matter. [F]or sure, an excellent coach too imparting life lessons when many others in life are reluctant in sharing. [M]ost kind nurse that makes certain we get the best treatment and medicine when we are feeling below the weather. [Y]ou see, somehow along the road to adulthood, I am guilty of thinking that I can stand on my own two feet an no longer need Mum to fuss over me because it is a little embarrassing. [H]owever when I was down with dengue, I had the greatest revelation. I discovered that deep down no matter what age I get to I am still that little girl - [E]ager one that finds comfort in my Mother’s hugs and touches. How magical a feeling when Mum’s gentle touches can melt away all the discomfort, soothe every ache and pain while leaving me calmed. [A]nd so you guessed it, Mum nursed me back to health from dengue and I found a new appreciation towards all that she has been doing or sacrifices she made for us, her family. [R]ight after that harrowing episode, I found that life with Mum is a gift from Heaven which I now know and am hugely thankful to have realize it so that I can reciprocate the colossal love Mum bestow upon me before it is too late. [T]hinking back to our childhood, Mum often baked cakes for our birthdays. I remember the fragrant butter cake and sweet icing decorating the cake. Hence, this Mother’s Day I would like to gift my dearest Mum a cake to celebrate the occasion and let her know how much we appreciate and love her!

We are sincerely would like to send out 100 cakes for Mother’s Day, giving 100 children the opportunity to show their love for their mothers. If you want to be one of the children, just fill in your information and visit our branches in Klang Valley (total 13 branches) and take home our cake!

Let us be part of the appreciation. 
We give cakes, you create lovely moment at home! 

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